( documentation for Telosys generator version 3.3.0 )

Embedded generator usable in a template to generate another target

Since : 2.0.3

Attributes and methods
.generate(String entityClassName, String outputFile, String outputFolder, String templateFile) : void

Generates an other target with the given template file

Parameters :
   entityClassName : the entity class name
   outputFile : the file name to be generated
   outputFolder : the folder where to generate the file
   templateFile : the template file to be used

Example :
   #if ( $entity.hasCompositePrimaryKey() )
   $generator.generate($target.entityName , "${entity.name}Key.java", $target.folder, "jpa_bean_pk.vm" )

.name : String

Returns the generator's name

Example :
   // Generated by $generator.name

.version : String

Returns the generator's version

Example :
   // Generator version : $generator.version